What we’re listening to (#6): ‘City Nights’ mixed by Filip Schreyer

I’m gonna be honest with you – I have little to no idea who Filip Schreyer is. What I do know, though, is that he works with Chillhop to produce and mix tracks by various artists to make incredible playlists.

The City Nights is a series of mixes that focus on combining lyrical hip-hop with a variety of other musical genres, whether it be jazz and blues or pop and rock. The mixes gather songs from all sorts of artists, some who achieved great fame like A Tribe Called Quest and the Beastie Boys to more underground artists Kof and Bugseed 

The results are incredibly relaxing tracks across all five volumes, most which are wonderfully mastered and produced (though there are some where levels are questionable). Paired with the visuals provided of various big cities across globe like New York City, Boston, and Tokyo, the series a great thing to have on fullscreen in the background whilst your relaxing, doing work, or even just in the car on long journeys.

I think this a ‘What we’re listening to’ where I’m just going to let you listen to it –

(Unfortunately there is no video with vol.5 of City Nights)

These mixes are all available to download for free on their respective websites (i.e. YouTube/Soundcloud description message).

The article was written by Mo Hafeez


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