Album Review – ‘1989’ by Taylor Swift

It’s pretty evident that Taylor Swift isn’t your generic pop artist – she’s not someone who has a popular rapper in every song, and she’s not someone who litters 808 drums throughout all of her songs. She leaves behind sexualising and misogynistic lyrics, opting for something she (apparently) knows a lot about: love.

The opening track ‘Welcome to New York’, laden with eighties synth and electronic drums, professes her love of the freedom she has in the Big Apple, singing “you can want who you want”. It’s not a ground-breaking song by any means, but it definitely sets the mood for the whole album. Tracks like ‘How You Get The Girl’ return to the Nashville singer’s usual topic of relationships, both good and bad; a man rekindling a failing relationship, singing “broke your heart, I’ll put it back together”.

Whilst it’s refreshing to hear songs that aren’t about sex, drugs and partying, the theme of love does get a bit repetitive – it’s at the core of almost every song on the album, and just when you think she’s moving away from it, she’ll drop in a “my ex-man brought his new girlfriend” in lead single ‘Shake it Off’; it’s lead some to call her a one-dimensional singer whose just trying to be different for the sake of it. That’s not to say it’s a bad song though, as the brass section churns out an incredibly catchy progression whilst Swift has a few minutes of telling her ‘haters’ to leave her be, though the breakdown in the middle of the song is cringe-worthy material.

What really ties this album together is the production – Max Martin, who’s been at the forefront of pop for the last decade or so, managed to make every song danceable whilst still allowing for Taylor Swift’s personal style, which, although strange at times, is rather unique. A complete album that any fan of Swift will devour.

This article was written by Mo Hafeez


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