Album review – ‘Happy People’ by Peace

Peace’s new album Happy People definitely marks a transition of sound for the band, whilst still maintaining the umbrella feel of the music heard on their debut In Love. The expansive psychedelia-inspired songs of In Love have gained a more direct pop feel on this album.

The first two songs on the album, ‘O You’ and ‘Gen Strange’, seem to merge the two Summers of Love (1967 and 1989), with Beatles inspired vocal harmonies pairing with choppy riffs reminiscent of the Charlatans UK. The title track itself moves towards a faster paced beat, with electronica sounds being interspersed – with the more traditional instruments, this gives the song a more club-like vibe in touch with the recent explosion of house revival.

The album moves again with the song ‘Someday’, the warm tones of the acoustic guitar providing a dose of shade in the midst of the light indie tunes heard on the rest of the album. It’s clearly inspired by the growing acoustic trend of artists such as Ben Howard and Jake Bugg.

The album kicks back up again with the next song ‘Money’, a groovy number with a catchy chorus and infectious riff storming into the rest of the album. The direct beat and funky guitar work well with the synth lines work well to lift the album’s pace again after the darker tones of ‘Someday’, and helps move the album on to heavier songs such as ‘I’m a Girl’, which is a shift into a much more grungy territory for Peace, with their use of loud and soft dynamics and distorted guitar riff coming through here.

Overall the album is a strong follow up to In Love and should aid the continuing rise of Peace in the eyes of their fans, along with gaining some new ones too.

This article was written by Sam Brunt


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