Up and Coming: The Debut of Faith Bekoe

Zimbabwean-born artist Faith Bekoe spent her childhood in England, soaking up the musical influences around her. She began singing from the age of five, and began playing professionally in the latter part of the past decade, mainly in the South of France. Touring with a plethora of groups to an array of cities, she has played many respected venues , including ‘Le Bikini’ in Toulouse just last year. On March 5th, she released her debut single ‘By the Fire.

Faith Bekoe

Her style is described as mixture of traditional African rhythms, with a range of influences drawing from both electro and folk backgrounds. She uses these new and exciting sounds as the setting for her often poignant lyrics. ‘By the Fire’ opens with harmonious humming that echoes of the sounds of the delta blues and folk artists from the first half the 20th century that had such a great influence on the music we hear today.

Her voice is soft yet has an undeniable power that seems to bubble up from the lyrical content of love and loss. The simple opening is soon joined by a syncopated synth beat that adds modernity to the music and adds to the interest of the song through its off-beat rhythm. The acoustic chords progression that falls underneath all of this adds warmth to the song and helps lift the vocals of the piece which occasionally merge into the synth sounds, adding an exciting tone to her voice.

Overall, ‘By the Fire’ is an extremely strong first single and looks set to send waves into the musical world. The style is unique and new and the world is seemingly at the feet of Faith Bekoe.


This article was written by Sam Brunt


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