Album Review – ‘Kindred’ by Passion Pit

Passion Pit, a band that started as Michael Angelakos’ Valentine’s Day gift to his girlfriend have returned for their third album Kindred. Passion Pit’s sound can be described as catchy synth-pop with some indie and singer/songwriter overtones. Their  popularity is undeniable, as shown by their over half a million followers on Spotify alone.

The opening track, ‘Lifted up (1985)’ is a great example of this with a great synth hook and strong beat backing anthemic vocals that reminisce about the “good year” that was 1985 and are a feature through much of the rest of the album. ‘All I Want’ takes the album in a more acoustic direction, especially during the finger picked intro, though there are still the interestingly produced titbits of sound and synth after the first chorus. The choir-like vocals seen in ‘Lifted up (1985)’ also feature here.

‘Five Foot Ten (I)’ brings the record back to a more dance style, a fast strong beat and even a ‘drop’ in the chorus that has EDM and Dance-Pop overtones. The highlight of Kindred for me, however, is ‘Dancing on the Grave’. It’s a more stripped back sound than the rest of the album, and it’s this more minimalist approach that gives the track its beauty. Haunting synths and fabulous soulful vocals carry the song in its almost lamentable quality.The end of the track moulds into a sound that is reminiscent of a rainforest or an underwater sound, leading well into the opening of ‘Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)’.

Overall, Kindred is a good example of the genre. It’s also, in its own way, eclectic, in the different moods that are conveyed over the album, though it is easy to get caught up in the light dance tracks and ignore the other great songs whose beats aren’t quite as strong, but have strength and beauty in their own right.

This article was written by Sam Brunt.


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