Up and Coming: BassLift (London)

BassLift is the latest offering of night entertainment from the London underground scene. The 30th October will see them take-over Shoreditch from 7pm-late with a heady mixture of Hip-Hop, House and D’n’B. BassLift is a resurgent call to arms for the re-ignition of the non-commercial collective rave scene of years gone by. Self-described as fighting against the ‘well-oiled machine’ that many of the UK’s larger nights have become, the team behind BassLift deliberately look for ‘small’ ‘out-there’ venues through which to ply their trade. This also helps to give the night a sense of mystery through its lack of mainstream process profit, which has taken a back seat as art and entertainment have become the priorities for this group. BassLift is also going beyond just the music and is going to attempt to mould the audio gems of their stellar DJ’s with a new visual element through the use of performance artists who will adapt their show to the DJ’s sounds enhancing the overall experience through the use of a combination of art forms. This could be the beginning of the toppling of the giants.

Details for BassLift can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1488563164793609/
This article was written by Sam Brunt

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