Track Review – ‘Real Friends/No More Parties in LA (Snippet)’ by Kanye West

By Tobias Berchtold


It looks like Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Fridays are back, just like on MBDTF where he released a song every Friday up until the eventual release of the album. On this track we see a Kanye that we haven’t really seen for the past few years, and it sounds like a bit of a throwback to Late Registration. In the previous few years Kanye’s releases have become more and more centred around the almost God-like ‘Yeezy’ persona he has built for himself, however on this song he seems more vulnerable and introspective than he’s been in a long time, with the lyrics dealing more with his own problems than those of his detractors.

He deals with the fact that his fame and stature has turned him into a bad friend, and a bad family member. He talks about forgetting how old his relative’s kids are and ponders whether he’s capable of being a true friend to anyone because he’s so busy working in the music business. He flips this idea too and talks about family who only talk to him when they need something, and most alarmingly tells of a cousin who extorted $250,000 out of him after stealing his laptop. But unlike previously, Kanye doesn’t seem all that angry in their direction but seems more annoyed at himself when he says “I guess I got what I deserved.” I like this side of Kanye a lot more than the one that he showed on YEEZUS, and I’m excited for the album’s release if it’s more like this.

“Real friends
I guess I get what I deserve, don’t I
Word on the streets is they ain’t heard from him
I guess I get what I deserve, don’t I
Talked down on my name, throwed dirt on him”

On the back end of the track there is a section of No More Parties in LA (rumoured to be next week’s release). This little snippet got me incredibly excited, as soon as the beat kicked in it had Madlib’s fingerprints all over it. And when Kendrick kicks in to exchange bars with Kanye? OH LAWDY.


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